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      [From User TerryON]

      I’m hoping somebody can help.
      For some days now I have been attempting to get my NavMon data into BWR.

      Navmon is showing data in the monitor window for VportA and I have selected com2: (Com1&3 are not available in drop down box) but when putting in com2: into NMEA input 1, checking enable and then hitting apply this is what I get:-

      01-02 12:48: Unable to open com2 : on channel 1:
      couldn’t open “com2 :”: no such file or directory
      couldn’t open “com2 :”: no such file or directory
      In nmea::nmea open_port
      invoked from within
      “nmea::nmea chan$k port $port”
      invoked from within
      “if [string match “com*” $port] {
      set fh($k) [nmea::nmea chan$k port $port]
      } else {
      set fh($k) [nmea::nmea chan$k file $port -baud 2400]

      I have tried all the ports available in NavMon with same result.

      Help please


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      Terry oN

      Just to check , have you used virtual port A in Navmon PC as this should work with BWR.
      Otherwise have a look here how to hook up on AGage site.

      How to get your GPS data into Bluewater

      it is not a BWR problem as i can hook up nicely.


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      Hi Tempest,
      Yes I have used VportA in NavMon and in the monitor window data can be seen flowing.
      The setup in the instrument manager in BWR is very simple and I have tried all the ports listed in NavMon without success!
      I’m at a complete loss now as to what to try next?


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      Hi Terry

      As you can see been away long time. However may have a solution for your problem.
      Try downloading following GPS gate client .
      You wil be able to distribute your GPS signal to various “virtual” com ports.
      http://gpsgate.com/support/getting_star … ate_client

      Rgds Tempest

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