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      [From User Bruce]

      After trying out Deckman, Expedition and Tacktix I was getting discouraged. The programs are horribly complicated and seem to be geared for a professional navigator. Then, I was referred to Blue Water Racing by one of the other boats in the Pacific Cup. I am very impressed. Here are my notes, so far:
      1. The program is straight-forward and relatively easy to use
      2. Buttons at top of the screen are nice
      3. Displaying the route on a BSB chart – very cool
      4. Polars are in an easy to modify format – even cooler
      5. Ability to draw a line with mouse and get the range and bearing – handy for piloting
      6. Latitude and longitude in lower right corner
      7. The program is able to change a route by dragging a dot.

      There are a few rough spots:
      Loading a new BSB chart: It would be nice if the program kept the path so I would not have to keep looking through the directory tree
      Waypoints – named rather than numbered A waypoint named, “Point Arguello” is much easier to discuss than “Waypoint 5.”
      Route list – need to set the speed over ground for each leg.

      These things are minor though. Congratulations on a fine job.

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