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      [From User AGage]

      Here is a script for use with so-called ‘timed races’ – by which I mean races where you can start whenever you like, within a time ‘window’ set by the race committee, and the fastest time wins.
      Usage is simple, create a race route and name it ‘Course’ (this is important – script will not work if route is not called ‘Course’) – set appropriate routing parameters (time, grid etc) and set the start time to the earliest time to depart.
      Then open the console and type ‘source timed_race.tcl’ and you should see 2 lines of basic instructions (mostly for reminder).
      Now, to set it going you type compute_runs, followed by how many runs to optimise and how long in minutes between starting each run.
      For example, if the route start time is 0700 utc, and you issue the command ‘compute_runs 6 60’ it will optimise 6 times, with start times at 0700, 0800, 0900 etc…
      The fastest run number, departure time and ETE is shown in a popup dialog when the script is completed. Each optimised route is renamed to Run_1, Run_2 etc…

      For best results, start with a large time interval between runs (atleast 1 hr, maybe 2 or 3) and then take the best start time, and set the route start a bit earlier and reduce the interval between runs. You should be able to get down to the optimal time within about 5 or 10 minutes…
      NOTE: When using the script iteratively like this, you need to manually delete the routes named Run_# before using the compute_runs command again.
      Make sure to save the script to your Bluewater installation folder, and enjoy!

      Download here.

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      [From User msanderson]

      Thank you for this. I’m using Bluewater Racing as I cruise my boat throughout latin america. I am now using this tcl script to help me pick a departure time. It seems to be working great. I’ve edited my polars to assume that for winds less than 4 kts, I’m motoring. Thanks again!
      s/v Wanuskewin
      Catalina 42 (in full cruising mode, jerry jugs, davits, dive compressor on deck, the works!

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