Bluewater Racing is free software but all copyrights are retained by Jeffery Westbrook and Two Foxtrot Bravo, Inc. Consider helping the project with a donation of US$20 or any other amount. Distributions include sample races, polar files, and weather gribs, a tutorial, the full GSHHS planning chart (accurate to microdegrees) and a selection of NOAA digital charts in BSB format (mostly eastern Pacific ocean).

Bluewater Racing for Windows
For Windows XP through 11.   32-bit executables. (They will run in compatibility mode, and be located under the Program Files (x86) subtree.)  You may be blocked from executing the installer by SmartScreen: click the “run anyway” button or right click to examine properties and check the “Unblock” box on the general tab. Download
Bluewater Racing for MacOS
Known to work on versions 10.12 – 10.15. Untested on MacOS 11. MacOS may block the application from launching the first time; right click on the app, select open from the menu, and when the warning appears, click open again.   The app can now be launched without challenges. Download
World Magnetic Model 2020-2025 From NOAA, provides coefficients for computing magnetic variation. You should not need to download this unless you have disabled updating and the program requests an updated version. Download