Bluewater Racing is free software but all copyrights are retained by Jeffery Westbrook and Two Foxtrot Bravo, Inc. Consider helping the project with a donation of US$20 or any other amount.

For Windows:

All versions of Windows, XP-10, 32-bit executables. (They will run in compatibility mode, and be located under the Program Files (x86) subtree.)

Bluewater Racing Full Includes the full GSHHS planning chart (accurate to microdegrees) and a selection of NOAA digital charts in BSB format (mostly eastern Pacific ocean). Download 120.9 MB
Bluewater Racing Lite Completely functional Bluewater Racing with only a limited planning chart and no additional digital charts. Download 19.9 MB


World Magnetic Model 2015-2020 From NOAA, provides coefficients for computing magnetic variation. You should not need to download this unless you have disabled updating and the program requests an updated version. Download 4.5 KB