Official NOAA Navigation Charts in BSB format: Download free digital images of NOAA’s official paper navigation charts, stored in NOAA’S proprietary compressed format called “BSB”. They can be loaded directly by Bluewater Racing.

World Port Index: The U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency list of international ports, with notations about the port’s characteristics. Bluewater Racing displays ports with index numbers into this document.

Saildocs: Free delivery of NOAA GFS and U.S. Navy COAMPS Grib files via email. Low bandwidth, very useful at sea. Highly customizable; you can easily limit your Grib files to specific regions, forecast resolutions, and weather parameters.

Sailflow: Free downloadable Grib files for coastal areas at high resolution. Custom forecast model based on NOAA forecasts. Pre-specified forecast areas and resolutions.

UGrib: Free downloadable NOAA GFS data. Limited selection, but you can sweep out an area on an online map to get area coverage.

ProGrib: For-fee service giving customized access to privately generated forecast data.